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Best Convenience Store Eats Dallas 2010 - Big E's Food & Beverage - CLOSED

Big E\'s Food & Beverage

Big E's Food & Beverage

3001 Gaston Ave.

Dallas, TX 75226


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Since opening in April, Big E's Food & Beverage has transformed itself from your average beer, toothpaste and snacks shop into a great place to grab lunch with its addition of a deli. This should ensure that the old building at the corner of Gaston Avenue and Oak Street doesn't sit vacant as it had for months following the short-lived occupancy of Discount Master Kevin's Corner. Meatball subs, Frito pies and chili dogs are just a few of the daily specials offered, and the cold sandwiches make you wonder why you've ever wasted time waiting in line at Subway. Not only is the food better than chain stores, the prices are nifty too—$4.50 for sandwiches or $6.50 with chips and a 32-ounce drink. Big E's variety of breads, meats, cheeses and veggies are enough to concoct just about anything your heart desires—even a PB&J, should the mood strike you.

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Oh really, its that good? The store doesn't always open on time. Sandwitch meats aren't always on hand. Coffee thats not as good but at starbuck prices.How much did they pay for you to write the stuff above?


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