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Best Cupcakes Dallas 2010 - Society Bakery

Society Bakery

Society Bakery

3426 Greenville Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206


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This is no boutique cupcake—it's not your wedding cake, there's no handmade paper wrapper and it won't even cost you six bucks. These cupcakes look great, but they look natural—a little uneven around the frosting, one lip of the cupcake spilling over a little more than the other. The frosting may stick to the wax paper in the box. This is what cupcakes do; go ahead, lick the paper. Society holds food drives, collects clothes donations and gives to charity—so even if three cupcakes in one sitting is a bad idea for you, your purchase is probably helping someone in need. You want the red velvet; the chocolate, loaded down with peanut butter frosting; and then one more, a wild card—a whoopie pie or banana chocolate chip. Take comfort knowing this is no fad. It's how cupcakes were meant to be: a little lumpy on one side and eaten by the boxful.

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I'm sorry, I just don't get it. We occasionally have people bring Society Bakery cupcakes to our office. No one in our office really like them much. Maybe it is because we have had Dimples (which is out of business) and Sprinkles. The SB cake is just ok, I would not say they are moist and does not taste special, the icing is average. Just looking at the cupcake--it's not even pleasing to the eye. I would say the best cupcake in Dallas "was" Dimples Wedding Cake cupcake or Banana Pudding cupcake.


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