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Best Food From Ferners Dallas 2010 - Fiesta



5334 Ross Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206


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The Fiesta grocery store on Ross Avenue in East Dallas bursts at its Hispanic-targeted seams at all hours of the day and night, a taqueria-and-carniceria wonderland of everything needed to make a spicy, south o' the border meal. (Or, you know, it's also a good place to buy toilet paper and cat litter.) But what many don't know is that it's not just a fine place to pick up taco makin's—Fiesta also has the best selection of British, European and Asian imported foods in town, and yes we are looking at you, Certain Giant And Pricey Grocery Store On Lovers Lane. Three kinds of Weetabix? Check. Spaetzle out the wazoo? Yes, please. Looking to fashion a homemade saag paneer? Party on at...Fiesta.

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Fiesta can be a good source for many unusual things but people,please note:CHECK YOUR RECEIPT! They have a constant habit of charging sales tax on items not subject to sales tax! You have to track down a manager to get a refund. But, never an apology! One time they gave me an argument until I threatened to report them to the City of Dallas. Only then did they realize their "mistake".


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