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Best Jewelry Shop Dallas 2010 - Sergio's Jewelry

Sergio\'s Jewelry

Sergio's Jewelry

9440 Garland Road

Dallas, TX 75218

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Here's what we usually don't like about jewelers: They use jeweler lingo, and they make us feel like we've touched stuff we're not supposed to. Not so at Sergio's Jewelry. The mom-and-pop storefront nestled in Casa Linda Plaza is well-merchandised for browsing (like, actual shopping!) while you wait. And when we've talked to Sergio (just Sergio, according to employees), he was friendly, used layman's terms, showed us various ideas for a design change, consulted with us on the care of a prized heirloom (and made us swear never to sell it, unlike the last jeweler we saw who practically chased after us), and provided us with some repairs, which were done on a quick turnaround. And all these goods and services came at shockingly reasonable prices. We've never been back to the same jewelry shop twice. That is, until we found Sergio's.

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I stood around for 20 minutes trying to catch someone's eye to look in a case. Employees looked at me and then looked away as they attended to other tasks. I wish they would have just acknowledged me, even if it would be a couple minute's wait to help me. The person who finally opened the case wasn't friendly and seemed hurried.


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