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Best Justified Impulse Buy Dallas 2010 - Art Conspiracy

The goal of Art Conspiracy is simple: to bring artists together to create, in 24 hours, art that can then be auctioned to folks who can't/don't generally buy art...while they enjoy live music. The proceeds may benefit a pre-selected charity, but in reality, the event draws so many creative people (and fans of creative people) that the entire art scene gets a boost. There's just one thing: That 24-hour art is how-you-say amazing. The auction scenes are animated thanks to talented auctioneers and can be, well, politely cut-throat if two folks are really gunning for the same piece. Prepare yourself ahead of time. Thaw the credit card or visit the ATM for a couple-three days. Practice your mantra: "It's OK. It's for charity. It's OK. I can write it off my taxes." Exercise your dominant arm, making sure you can raise it, wave a program or achieve a predetermined signal in a quick, smooth motion. Get there early and do a once-over of all the pieces. Now you're ready to bid Art Conspiracy.

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bill holston
bill holston

thanks!we're really excited for this year:October 23rd, 2010 location: 511 W. Commerce, Dallas, TX 75208( map link ) artists: 100+ Dallas Artists bands: ISHI, Seryn, Dem Southernfolkzcome on down!

door: $10 , opening bid for art is $20 benefiting: Today Marks the Beginning


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