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Best Lawnmower Blade Sharpener Dallas 2010 - Casey's Lawn Equipment

Casey's Lawn Equipment

11426 E. Northwest Highway

Dallas, TX 75218


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Take the blade itself in here, and they'll sharpen it while you wait for $8.50. Take the whole mower in, and it's $18.50 and might take a little longer. This is where a lot of pros go. Casey's sells good equipment, too, Stihl and Echo. It's worth nosing around, if you happen to be in the market. Actually finding the place is not so easy, however, especially with the construction on Northwest Highway. It's really on West Lawther Drive on the north side of Northwest Highway, so you have to find your way through the construction mess and get on Lawther going away from the lake.

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We have been using Caseys for years without a single problem! When our old mower finally gave out instead of charging us for the repair they applied the price torwards a new mower! What great Guys!


Gassett's is cheaper! If you bring the blade in it's $5.00 plus tax and bring the whole mower in and it's $7.50 plus tax and both of them they have done for me while I waited!!


@bodacious FYI everybody, Bodacious is also Lacey Gassett, Johny's daughter who works at Gassett Services.


That must have been in the dead of winter! Try that during summer.... Gassett will laugh at you!

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