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Best Margarita Dallas 2010 - Gloria's



4140 Lemmon Ave.

Dallas, TX 75219


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Readers' Choice: Mi Cocina

Choosing a margarita isn't as easy as you'd think. If we're gonna pull the trigger, rest assured it won't be for some overpriced Slurpee with a shot of tequila. Gloria's not only has the best-priced margaritas in the city at only three bucks, but at 11 ounces, they don't skimp you on size. They also pour in enough Manik tequila to give them just the right kick, and their ice-to-margarita ratio is both spot-on and consistent. Atmosphere counts too, so it helps that Gloria's has some of the best Mexican food in town. After all, why wouldn't you want to keep down all those $3 margaritas with some enchiladas verdes?

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The Gloria's on Davis is BY FAR the best. Best food and drinks. No bar but they more than make up for it with every thing else.


you need an 11 ounces margaritas to stomach there food. Gloria's doesn't have the best Mexican food in town! got to uncle julio's across the street, its alot better!

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