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Best Middle Eastern/Greek Food Dallas 2010 - Fadi's Grill

Fadi\'s Grill

Fadi's Grill

3001 Knox St.

Dallas, TX 75205


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Readers' Choice: Ali Baba Cafe and Ziziki's (TIE)

The food here is served "push-along" style, with diners shoving trays in front of glassed-in troughs filled with Greek and Middle Eastern goodies. On the veggie counter are traditional dolmas, kibbie rolls, falafel, tabouli, baba ghanooge (that's how they spell it), Egyptian okra and fresh salads piled with tomatoes and onions, Mediterranean-style. The cranberry-mushroom salad and the couscous are light but intriguingly seasoned. On the meat side are beef, lamb and chicken kebabs and fork-tender broiled lamb shanks in rich mushroom gravy. Dessert is—what else?—baklava dripping with honey. Just the kind of casual, wallet-pleasing ethnic joint the busy Knox-Henderson dining corridor can be proud of.

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Bah, I say. Too much everything!

If Cafe Marrakesh was still open, in Richardson, this superlative should've gone to them. Otherwise, give me Ziziki's every time.


Hey, A new placed opened at the shops at legacy called Mama Pita, you should check it out. I looove the food there.


I tried Mama Pita at Legacy today. Ordered Pita wrap and it was great. Happy to have found this place


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