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Best Place to Dig On Swine Dallas 2010 - Artisanal Style Pork Ham at Smoke

Artisanal Style Pork Ham at Smoke

Artisanal Style Pork Ham at Smoke

901 Fort Worth Ave.

Dallas, TX 75208


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Get it with brunch—a pile of these dry ham flakes on the side—and you'll wonder why you bothered ordering anything else. The ham has a way of taking over. Smoked out back with a blend of mesquite, pecan, cedar and oak, or in the hundred-year-old smokehouse indoors, a taste of chef Tim Byres' ham is like discovering a whole new animal. Nothing about it suggests the watery vacuum-sealed lunch meat you knew before. You'll find there are fatty pieces and crustier ones, but all of it sweet, smoky and hard to forget—and, we'll just come out and say it, oddly like the breading on a Chicken McNugget. An unlikely comparison, maybe, but in the city's best spot for fancy barbecue, it's the standout meat. You'll realize it's what ham should taste like, and everyone else is doing it wrong.

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I went to Smoke for the first time on Sunday May 1, 2011. I live in Plano and I love going to nice places for brunch with my wife and 18 month old son. We pull up and really love the outside and inside decor of the restaurant. We go in at 10:30 expecting to have at least a 30 minute wait. The hostess (tall blonde lady) said there would be an hour wait. I was pretty impressed thinking that having a wait like that was because of how busy it is there. We go ahead and wait the hour and receive a text message saying see the host. I still like the fact that they can send text messages instead of carrying around a bulky coaster looking device. We gather our sons things and head to the hostess stand where we are informed that they are really busy and that it would be a long time before they can seat us. I ask her what the issue is knowing that they can't exactly make people move and being very understanding of it and she says that she is not sure and that it would be a "long long time" before we are seated. By this point, we have lost our seats and are starving after having a half hour drive, normal morning church service, over an hour wait for our table, and a now fussy child that needs to eat. We decided to leave and ended up not even having a decent lunch on our way home. I know that things happen and it doesn't always workout well for all parties, but I would appreciate a little courtesy from someone working for an establishment in the restaurant industry. I never write reviews, but I was so disappointed with the way we were treated and not even an apology that I thought it through for a couple of days before I wrote this review. I cannot say that I will never go there again, but they really need to work on their customer service and work on getting their act together. Big Disappointment!


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