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  • Best Gift Store

    We Are 1976

    You'll take credit for the good taste when your giftee thanks you for the gift, but deep down in your heart, you'll know it was all Vynsie, Jully and Derek Law making you look good. Sifting through the latest design trends from New York to San Francisco to Tokyo, but always most enthused about handmade local stuff, the folks at… More >>
  • Best Salon

    Johnny Rodriguez the Salon

    Always on the lookout for a way to improve on what's already the best place to get your hair cut, colored and styled, Johnny Rodriguez now has a blow-dry bar at his award-winning salon. So what's a blow-dry bar? Glad you asked. It's actually pretty simple. You drop by the Inwood Village Shopping Center. You get your hair washed. And… More >>
  • Best Vintage Clothes

    Gratitude Vintage Apparel & Nostalgia

    At first glance, Gratitude Vintage looks like any number of vintage shops around town with each of its many rooms filled with racks of clothes, baskets of belts, stacks of vinyl records and display cases teeming with knickknacks, baubles and trinkets. But as you make your way from room to room, soon you'll notice the hats. They're all over. In… More >>
  • Best Granola Selection

    Lakewood Whole Foods

    It was so traumatic for Old East Dallas—the whole closing of Dallas' first Whole Foods on Lower Greenville Avenue. Sort of like what the closing of the Metropolitan Museum might be for Manhattan. Then they opened the new store on Abrams and called it "Lakewood"—a knife in the heart for Bohemians. Might as well have called it "Country Club Whole… More >>
  • Best Home Stylist

    Doniphan P. Moore

    Designing home interiors is only one aspect of 25-year-old SMU grad Doniphan Moore's many talents. He's more of a life stylist, working with design-challenged clients at all budget levels to unify their aesthetic senses, from furnishings to wardrobe to personal style. His own taste fits somewhere between clean traditionalist and soft modern, with a touch of the eccentric. "I embrace… More >>

    Good Records

    Good Records… More >>

    Buffalo Exchange

    Buffalo Exchange… More >>

    Borders - CLOSED

    Borders… More >>
  • Best Food From Ferners


    The Fiesta grocery store on Ross Avenue in East Dallas bursts at its Hispanic-targeted seams at all hours of the day and night, a taqueria-and-carniceria wonderland of everything needed to make a spicy, south o' the border meal. (Or, you know, it's also a good place to buy toilet paper and cat litter.) But what many don't know is that… More >>
  • Best Pre-emptive Strike

    Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Bathroom Spray

    Every bathroom in every workplace, in every restaurant, in every home, needs a spray bottle of Poo-Pourri. The magical potion is to be sprayed on top of the toilet water (as opposed to around you in the air) to provide an aromatic barrier of essential oils and natural fresheners...and, apparently, magic. As in, the stank goes in the water and… More >>
  • Best Kayaks

    Mariner Sails

    A little hard to find (take Walnut Hill east from Stemmons, turn north on Ables, back west on Merrill) but well worth the search. A respected custom sail maker since 1976, Mariner now offers a spacious showroom full of really neat kayaks by a variety of makers. The staff brings deep expertise on the boats but also on bodies of… More >>
  • Best Car Wash

    D-Town Tires and Car Wash

    So you want your ride to shine but you don't have the time or energy to do it yourself. Don't bother with one of those gas station assembly-line washes when, for a few bucks more, you could not only get a hand-polished gleam on the outside, but have the interior vacuumed as well—without having one of those automated brush wheels… More >>
  • Best Place To Get Felt Up


    Ladies, this Best Of award is for you. Not to sound like a corny late-night infomercial, but are you tired of always adjusting your bra or having the four boobs problem because your brassiere doesn't quite cover the top part? Well, the bra fit stylists at Intimacy can help you with your undergarment-related problems. The women's store offers a free… More >>


    Nordstrom… More >>

    Belmont Hotel

    Belmont Hotel… More >>

    Half Price Books

    Half Price Books… More >>
  • Best Bookstore (Used)

    Half Price Books

    We should probably just throw in the towel and call this one Best Used Bookstore of All Time on Northwest Highway East of Central and be done with it. If you purchase more than one book a year, you already know about this heavenly, musty smelling place with shelf after shelf of half-priced (or less) paperbacks and hardbacks. You know… More >>
  • Best Meat Purveyor

    Jimmy's Food Store

    You can stock the Italian kitchen of your dreams from the imported pastas, wines and cheeses lining the racks at Jimmy's, but the real show's in back, under the bright industrial lighting over the meat counter. This is where Jimmy's works its magic, manned by a crew that knows and appreciates the edible animal. Take a bite of the Italian… More >>
  • Best Discount Designs

    The Consignment Solution

    When we've already blown our budget on furniture groups, window treatments or limited-edition prints by local artists, then the first place we start our hunt for reasonably priced accents to properly round out a room is The Consignment Solution. The shop's large showroom always seems to be filled with new treasures. On its website is the boast: "We sell 85… More >>
  • Best Health Food Store That No Longer Sells Health Food

    Sundrops Vitamins and Nutrition Store

    This August, Dallas mourned the passing of its oldest and most iconic health food store with the closing of Roy's Nutrition Center in Preston Royal Village, caused by the retirement of founding guru Roy Beard, who put terms like wheat germ and bean sprouts in the vocabulary of folks in these here parts. So what does that leave? Whole Foods,… More >>
  • Best Odd Things


    The shop in Lakewood takes eclectic to a whole different level. Run by Forbidden Books and Video founder Jason Cohen and his antique-dealer mom Terry, this quaint repository of collectible treasures mixes antiques, folk art and delicious finds they've culled from flea markets and estate sales. We've wasted—make that invested—hours investigating what's between the walls here. You can find Mad… More >>

    Electrique Boutique

    Electrique Boutique… More >>

    Avalon Salon

    Avalon Salon… More >>
  • Best Furniture Store

    Z Gallerie

    Our critics—i.e. people who read us regularly—often talk as though the Observer staff was composed entirely of weed-smoking, band T-shirt wearing, consignment-store-shopping hippie hipsters. In reality, that description is only true for about 85 percent of our staff. The rest of us are Pottery Barn-catalog-reading, overpriced-shoe-wearing, shiny-bauble-loving consumerists just like most of Dallas. Frankly, we don't want to pay good… More >>
  • Best Camera Repair Shop

    Garland Camera

    There's no helpless feeling quite like bubble-wrapping your $3,000 SLR camera, dropping it in a mailbox and hoping for the best. With any luck, the package won't be lost, soaked through in the rain or smashed to pieces when some pill-popping long-haul driver bites it careening downhill through the Rockies. Easier, then, to drive yourself to Garland, explain what's wrong… More >>
  • Best Gear Repair Stuff


    For that funny super-sticky clear tape you need to fix a tear in a tent ("Tenacious tape"), for tubes of seam sealer or replacement buckles for your webbing, that spare hank of no-see-um netting—all those little niggling emergency camping items you really wish you had when you don't have them—REI has the best selection. Of course, you have to be… More >>
  • Best Babysitter For Your Teenager

    NorthPark Center

    Your kid just turned 13 going on 16, and he or she walks 20 feet in front of you in the mall, if still willing to be with you at all. The Xbox will keep them down on the farm for a while, but once the hormones begin to rage—and they do younger than ever before—your Max or Grant or… More >>
  • Best Time of the Month

    Deep Ellum Outdoor Market

    Well into what might be fall in other parts of the country, Texas remains searing hot, making weekend day trips less than comfortable for those who take issue with sweating straight through their jeans. Strolling with an armful of shopping bags from one end of Deep Ellum to another is decidedly unpleasant when your sneakers are a pool of saltwater,… More >>

    Froggie's 5 & 10

    Froggie's 5 & 10… More >>

    Floyd's 99 Barbershop

    Floyd's 99 Barbershop… More >>
  • Best Fruits of Fibers

    Two Hills Designs

    Fiber artist Katie Toohil exudes positive energy from head to toe. Fortunately for her customers, so do her crafts. For years, Toohil has been working with fibers of human, plant and animal varieties. In the more traditional vein, she hand-dyes fibers (from wool to vegan varieties), spins them into yarn and either sells the yarn or creates crocheted scarves, headbands… More >>
  • Best Beer Selection

    Whole Foods Park Lane

    We consider ourselves pretty savvy, open-minded beer consumers, with tastes that run from tart, brisk witbiers to decadently rich imperial stouts to Belgian ales so complex that mentally processing all the flavors is almost a psychedelic experience. In short, we thought we had a pretty good handle on trying the best beers available in this less-than-beer-friendly state, where geographic distance… More >>
  • Best Lawnmower Blade Sharpener

    Casey's Lawn Equipment

    Take the blade itself in here, and they'll sharpen it while you wait for $8.50. Take the whole mower in, and it's $18.50 and might take a little longer. This is where a lot of pros go. Casey's sells good equipment, too, Stihl and Echo. It's worth nosing around, if you happen to be in the market. Actually finding the… More >>
  • Best Teacher of Things Crafty

    Make Shop & Studio

    What is it with you people in North Oak Cliff and all your slow-living, community-gardening, bike-friendly, pet-friendly, do-it-yourself selves? Don't you want to buy Chinese like the rest of us? Don't you want the instant gratification that comes with going over your credit card limit? No, these Bishop Arts types are looking for actual meaning in their lives, and they… More >>
  • Best Homemaker

    Wendy Lacy at Classic Lofts & Spaces Inc.

    If your roommate leaves one more—just one more—nasty dish in the sink for days on end, you are outta there. And the neighbor's yippy, persnickity dog? Yeah, he could take a night off every once in a while, and you wouldn't complain. But let's be real: The process of finding a new apartment often seems as bad as putting up… More >>

    Cebolla Fine Flowers

    Cebolla Fine Flowers… More >>


    Nordstrom… More >>
  • Best Toy Store

    Froggie's 5 and 10

    Froggie's 5 and 10 has managed to capture the essence of what it means to be young in its small store on Knox, making it the perfect stop for folks of all ages. Whether it's greeting cards, a Slinky, candy or a vintage lunchbox, you'll find it crammed into the shelves at Froggie's, and somehow the employees know exactly where… More >>
  • Best Tipsy Treasure Hunt

    Voodoo Chile

    First things first, Voodoo Chile is not actually a voodoo shop. Though, we're sure many a late-night shopper has been fooled by the shop's name and the red glow of its lights that are clearly visible from nearby Lowest Lower Greenville Avenue sidewalks. The eclectic vintage shop is open only from 7 p.m. until midnight most nights of the week,… More >>
  • Best Water Bottles

    Whole Earth Provision Co.

    For sheer variety and selection, the water bottle section at the back of Whole Earth Provision is hard to beat. Klean Kanteen, Thinksport, Lifefactory, Steelworks, SIGG, Camelbak, Nalgene BPA-free: They have them all, along with some nice water bottle accessories like Neoprene sleeves and web holsters. Every time we see another story about that entire new continent of trashed disposable… More >>
  • Best Florist

    Garden Gate Floral Design

    Don't kiss behind the garden gate, love is blind but the neighbors ain't. Don't know if Garden Gate owners Junior and Maria Villanueva had this childhood rhyme in mind when they named their Uptown floral shop and located it in a charming two-story Victorian house behind a white picket fence. But the warning seems apt. It's a very short fence,… More >>
  • Best Conversation Pieces

    Lula B's

    The kind of person who can't stand it when a carefully chosen piece of flair goes unnoticed is precisely the kind of person you're likely to run into at Lula B's, the Lower Greenville-to-Deep Ellum consignment and vintage shop transplant. Upstairs, it's cowboy boots and vintage dresses. Downstairs, it's booth after booth of mid-century and antique furniture, housewares and...wait, what… More >>

    Goody Goody

    Goody Goody… More >>


    Nordstrom… More >>
  • Best Jewelry Shop

    Sergio's Jewelry

    Here's what we usually don't like about jewelers: They use jeweler lingo, and they make us feel like we've touched stuff we're not supposed to. Not so at Sergio's Jewelry. The mom-and-pop storefront nestled in Casa Linda Plaza is well-merchandised for browsing (like, actual shopping!) while you wait. And when we've talked to Sergio (just Sergio, according to employees), he… More >>
  • Best Men's Clothing Store

    Pockets Menswear

    Yes, we know it's the economy, stupid, and there is something downright ignorant about giving a high-dollar, high-fashion men's boutique recognition when jobless claims are up, home prices are down and unemployment hovers just under 10 percent. Sure, there's always the Men's Wearhouse or Jos. A. Banks to keep us mediocre. But with Pockets Menswear, albeit at their tony Highland… More >>
  • Best Composting Source


    Dallas-based Compostmania is quickly becoming a national source, maybe international, for state-of-the-art composting know-how and technology. Where else could you find more than 15 types of composting bins, including a spherical composting bin that looks like something that just landed from Mars? Proprietors Robert L. Olivier and Karl Warkomski are serious and diligent in keeping up with the state of… More >>
  • Best Tattoo Parlor

    Every Friday the 13th at Elm Street Tattoo

    Oliver Peck, the man behind this Deep Ellum tattoo shop, does a lot for this city—far more than he probably gets credit for. The guy throws some of the best parties around, gladly dresses up in drag to perform in some of the city's best tribute bands and earlier this year, he helped California's MusInk Festival, which combines a rock… More >>
  • Best Organic Grocery

    Newflower Market

    Tired of your designer exercise-wear looking ragged and droopy after a long Sunday of fighting the crowds at Whole Foods with your Adorable Spouse and Gifted and Talented Children just so you can pick up the week's whey protein and spinach supply? Make the move from the overrun organic megastore to the underdog, Henderson Street's Newflower Market. The Colorado-based chain's… More >>

    Palm Beach Tan

    Palm Beach Tan… More >>

    Whole Foods

    Whole Foods… More >>
  • Best Place To See Everyone's Junk


    Some things you never knew you needed—that is, until you saw them at Junkadoodle. Once a month during autumn and spring, the whimsical flea market on Lovers Lane just west of Inwood Village turns into a huge block party. Independent retailers rent small spaces in the parking lot and in the front yard of the boutique and try their luck… More >>
  • Best Record Store

    Good Records

    Between the kick-ass in-stores, the Music Movie Mondays series and their annual Record Store Day blowout, Good Records would probably win this award even if it only stocked records that earned an 8.0 or above from Pitchfork. But there's a vast world of music in these racks (from psychedelic, country and soul classics to the latest, greatest indie-rock hits and… More >>
  • Best Groats

    Newflower Farmers Market

    A groat is any grain that has been husked. Steel-cut oat groats have been chopped with a blade and then slightly baked. They cook into an oatmeal with more texture than regular oatmeal, which can be sort of gooey. Oat groats are sold in fancy packaging, sometimes as "Irish oatmeal," at a very fancy price, but you can get the… More >>
  • Best Cool Old Sticks

    Lost Antiques

    Sitting next door to its sister store, Found, Lost Antiques is part antiques shop, part design studio and art gallery. With items from dealers across Texas, Lost has a phenomenal assortment of big and small finds. Check out the jewelry cases for vintage turquoise rings and old charm bracelets. Look above for ornate Art Deco chandeliers. The fine art collections… More >>
  • Most Likely to Succeed

    Most Likely to Succeed Entrepreneurs Jully, Derek and Vynsie Law reveal the secret for the success of We Are 1976: Be predictably unpredictable. BY PATRICK MICHELS PHOTO BY MARK GRAHAM The folks behind We Are 1976 were pretty big news when they first opened their gift shop/jewelry boutique/comic store/art studio in a mixed-use space at the end of the new development at 1902… More >>

    Elm Street Tattoo

    Elm Street Tattoo… More >>


    Weir's… More >>

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