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Best Bottled Beer Dallas 2011 - The Bottle Shop

The Bottle Shop

The Bottle Shop

2116 Greenville Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206


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World Beer Co., online purveyor of fine beers, has taken to the street with the opening of this cozy bar on Greenville Avenue. The feel of the place is sort of a cross between university reading room and corner pub. Instead of books lining the walls, you'll find a whole lot of beer from all around the world. It claims to offer 500 different beers, but who's counting? Maybe the best thing this place offers is a truly sophisticated, may we say beer-opolitan wait staff able to tell you a plausible story for each and every one of those 500 brews. But who's listening? This is a place to taste, and there are enough on the shelves to keep you at your studies for a very long time.
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place had a great selection of beer, but not alot of customers. Had great advice picking a brew to drink by itself or paired with food. One girl was annoying ,that worked or managed it, because she was a little pretentious and wound up talking about herself and how she did this or that instead of just selling us some damn beer. Definitely be back if Amy or whatever her name was not working


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