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Best Delivery Dallas 2011 - Asian Grocery Thai 2 Go

Asian Grocery Thai 2 Go

Asian Grocery Thai 2 Go

9191 Forest Lane

Dallas, TX 75243


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The only thing better than the spicy basil rice from Thai 2 Go (not to be confused with Thai2go in the Medical District) is the spicy basil rice from Thai 2 Go when it's delivered straight to your doorstep. If you're buying a new house anytime soon and you're not basing that purchase on whether or not the house is in Thai 2 Go's delivery area, you're doing it wrong. The delivery from Thai 2 Go is always on time or early; they always get your order exactly right; and did we mention that for a small fee, they're bringing you freaking delicious dinner that they made for you so you could spend your evening watching Flipping Out instead of cleaning your dirty kitchen? When the delivery guy from Thai 2 Go knocks on our door, we run screaming toward him like it's Thai Food Christmas. "Sweet! Potstickers!!! Thanks, Spicy Basil Santa!" You should probably hug him. Or at least give him a good tip.
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Spicy basil noodle and Tom Kha soup are the best in town


I agree 100% with this. Tom yum soup with shrimp is excellent too.


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