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Best Dish Name That Sounds Like a WWE Wrestler Dallas 2011 - The Hammertime at Anvil Pub

The Hammertime at Anvil Pub

The Hammertime at Anvil Pub

2638 Elm St.

Dallas, TX 75226


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Stop, hammer time. Not kidding. Stop being lame by counting calories because you ate that "everything" bagel and get to Anvil Pub on Elm Street before you croak. This dish is sublime comfort food: pornographically dripping macaroni and cheese combined with chili. Thhhhat's right. We recommend eating the dish by yourself, sitting alone and near the back just so no one sees you clean the bowl by bringing the whole damn thing to your face. There should be a cheesy frown shape on your forehead. Never mind the thought that passes: "Did I just order a wrestler who's going to come to the table and rip my scalp off?" This is no barbaric wrestler. It's a bowl of your new favorite thing.
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