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Best Dish That Sounds Like An Anthony Bourdain Favorite Dallas 2011 - Shoulder Clod at Lockhart Smokehouse

Shoulder Clod at Lockhart Smokehouse

Shoulder Clod at Lockhart Smokehouse

400 W. Davis St.

Dallas, TX 75208-4611


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Waiting for your food at the counter of Lockhart Smokehouse is like something straight from the beeftacular dreams of Travel Channel host Anthony Bourdain. You're waiting, watching the barbecue masters cut through the bark of a hunk of meat, and then they hand it over — a slice of wax paper heavy in the center with fat-shimmering meat. If you've ordered right, you've ordered the shoulder clod. The clod is a lean cut from the shoulder, but don't let that fool you: Lockhart's shoulder meat has got bigger, better flavor and texture and is the same price as the brisket at $7.50 per half pound. If you're scared by ordering something with "clod" in the title: Suck it up, watch an episode of No Reservations and head to Oak Cliff's best meatacular for a sample.
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I smoke Clod. I'll Never smoke a brisket again.


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