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Best Dish To Guiltily Eat In Front of Vegetarians Dallas 2011 - The Hudson Valley Foie Gras at Local

The Hudson Valley Foie Gras at Local

The Hudson Valley Foie Gras at Local

2936 Elm St.

Dallas, TX 75226-1596


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Maybe it's annoying to say it, but Local is old-school. Real old-school. There are no moose heads on the wall or annoying string quartet playing the Titanic theme on repeat. It's honest. Also, they have small but perfect portions of dishes such as fried green beans and pan-seared Maine lobster cake. Another old-school (and awesome) move by chef Tracy Miller: Hudson Valley foie gras. This isn't a little pâté spread on a tiny cracker: The foie gras is presented whole and seared as right as any meat you've ever had, served with house-made Texas toast and drizzled lightly with blueberry compote. Bring your vegetarian friends and show them what they're missing. Show them by changing your order from the guilt-free heirloom tomato thing at the last minute, just as they're getting their three-cheese scratch ravioli or balsamic roasted beets. They'll love theirs, sure, but you'll be evil and right.
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cara lynne
cara lynne

This makes me want to vomit. God, grow up and just eat what you want, there's no need to even write this garbage. It just makes vegans and vegetarians that more militant when you go out of your way to piss them off.


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