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Best Doughnuts Dallas 2011 - Shipley's Donuts

Shipley\'s Donuts

Shipley's Donuts

10332 Ferguson Road

Dallas, TX 75228-3015


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It takes a lot for us to admit that something good can come from Houston, but we've found the greatest import from our sister to the south in Shipley's Donuts. Krispy Kreme lovers take note: Real doughnuts contain more dough than air, and that's exactly what you get in a Shipley's doughnut. Whether you keep it simple with glazed favorites or go all out with an iced-and-sprinkled creation, the doughnuts are always moist and melt-in-your-mouth amazing. They also have more options than your standard mom-and-pop shop or that chain, but nothing is quite better than the simple glazed doughnut, especially right after dawn when they're still warm. And if you don't have a sweet tooth, go for the Big Earl kolache, named for former pro-footballer Earl Campbell. Fair warning though: Make sure you're really hungry.
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When I pass one, if I indeed do pass it, I mark it down for later adventures in sugary goodness. Ferguson Rd. Gotcha down.


I have these donuts at least once a week. The simple glazed really is the best when it's still warm.

Wes Howard
Wes Howard

write in candidate for Hypnotic Donuts


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