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Best Elotes Cart Dallas 2011 - Fiesta Market

Fiesta Market

Fiesta Market

5334 Ross Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206


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For those who are inexperienced elotes consumers, it might seem impossible to mess up corn in a cup, but the truth is some elotes carts are better than others. When it comes to delicious, sweet, creamy and spicy elotes, the cart at the Fiesta on Ross Avenue takes the cob. The corn to butter to mayonnaise to cheese to sour cream to hot sauce ratios are perfect. So's the two-buck price.
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J. Veliz
J. Veliz

Congrats Fiesta! Well deserved as I love your elotes in a cup. :)


I have not been to this cart. But the cart in front of the Fiesta on Jefferson uses corn from a can (or preshucked corn sitting in water). It is disgusting. The only good elote in a cup is made from corn that is shucked to order.


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