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Best Hotel Art Dallas 2011 - Art with a View at Belmont Hotel

Art with a View at Belmont Hotel

Art with a View at Belmont Hotel

901 Fort Worth Ave.

Dallas, TX 75208


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"Hotel art" is a phrase that makes many cringe because, well, there's a whole lot of underwhelming abstract prints and landscape scenes to be seen in most hotels. But the Belmont is just too cool for bad art, and that's why the hotel displays art from local talents on the walls of the lobby in their Art with a View series. The hotel has always been a hip destination for poolside parties and now even pop-up shops, but Art with a View brings a certain refinement to the kitschy hotel.
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best luxury hotels
best luxury hotels

what always bothers me about going to Dallas is that the majority of hotels are huge and without any personality.

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