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Best Men's Clothing Dallas 2011 - Kohl's Department Store

Kohl\'s Department Store

Kohl's Department Store

2704 Central Expressway

Plano, TX 75074


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Readers' Choice: Nordstrom
We're men. That's spelled M, E-child, N. Buh-DUH-buh-bump. What we want from clothes is fairly straightforward: Not much ironing, durable, fit for wearing almost anywhere without requiring that we think about it too much. Oh, and cheap. Cheap is good because it leaves us more money to spend on things we really care about, like beer and toys and more beer. We're not saying all the men are fashion idiots here at the Observer. It's just that many of us — particularly in the seedier parts of the editorial department — are the sort who think savoir faire is a fancy kind of wine. That's why we are grateful for Kohl's, where we can sort through a massive stock of shirts and pants and in 10 minutes (that's about all the clothes shopping we're good for) walk away with a half-dozen items that will see us through a season and not make us look like we should be hustling for spare change. Nordstrom, Jos A. Bank, etc. are fine for fancy duds and there are tons of consignment shops if you want to try to pull off a hipster look. For some of us, though, clothes are a utility, something to be worn to avoid giving offense, something that shouldn't cost more than a fine bottle of bourbon. We shop at Kohl's.
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Lee Dove
Lee Dove

I don't know if it's true, but when it comes to choosing our clothes, we men select the most practical ones. For example, even a plain, white shirt paired up with good jeans can pass as a smart attire, especially with a dark jacket to go along.

Online Fashion
Online Fashion

a better location. still, hard to find the stuff online in the store...I visited this Kohl's on last Friday.The prices are very good and the store is very well organized, which makes shopping easy.

Mens Thongs
Mens Thongs

Thanks for this share.. I will look forward to it for buying some designer and trendy clothing for myself.. Hope i get some good stuff for myself, specially undergarments...


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