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Best Sound System Dallas 2011 - Trees



2709 Elm St.

Dallas, TX 75226-1425


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You old-timers need to quit it with your Trees-was-better-back-in-the-day horse manure. Just stop it. Right now. Yes, Radiohead played there once upon a time. Sure, Nirvana too. Others as well, we're told. News flash: Radiohead is not going to be playing a 600-capacity venue again any time soon. The next Radiohead? Just maybe, if we're lucky. But here's the thing: If such an up-and-coming act does play Trees this time around, they'll sound way better now than they ever possibly could have back then. Why? Because Trees' sound system is way better now than it ever was. Owners Clint and Whitney Barlow have the place set up with the same exact sound system as the House of Blues' — only in a venue a third of the size. You literally shake when the bass comes in. It's glorious. There's a reason why the best hip-hop, electronic and metal shows all happen here. Just be sure to bring some earplugs — it's definitely loud. Loud enough to drown out the haters, if you think about it.
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Jamie Nay
Jamie Nay

FYI the House of Blues and Trees both have sound systems by SoundBridge, a Texas, USA manufacturer. Check out to get all the info. Thanks, Jamie Nay, CFO, Soundbridge.


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