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Best Sports Columnist Dallas 2011 - Jamey Newberg

Readers' Choice: Evan Grant
Yes, the Dallas attorney writes about only one thing: Texas Rangers baseball, and all the minor-league properties associated with the big club, but he does it better than anybody — with thoughtfulness, an understanding of the game, an affection for the players and the passion of a fan willing to forgive but critical nevertheless. Sometimes that adds up to greatness. From mid-June: "Reminder to self: It's not easy. It's not supposed to be easy. It wouldn't have the chance to be as great if it were easy." So goeth 40 years of Rangers fandom, and Newberg's been there for all of it as fan, as chronicler. The team's lucky to have him. Guy's money, ball.
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Christopher Barnes
Christopher Barnes

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It is a rare occurrence when awards really do go to the most deserving person, especially so when that person is outside the mainstream. This is one of those times. Congratulations Jamey - you really do deserve this!</standing>


Jamey well deserves this honor, but his last name is spelled Newberg, not Newburg.


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