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Best Strip Club Dallas 2011 - Cabaret Royale

Cabaret Royale

Cabaret Royale

10723 Composite Drive

Dallas, TX 75220


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Readers' Choice: The Lodge
There's no shortage of titillating men's clubs in the city, and we've done enough research to know that it's no easy decision choosing a favorite. But one of the defining qualities of a great men's club is its ability to cater not just to men but also the ladies. Plus it has to have a wide variety of women to appeal to, well, a wide variety of clients. That's why Cabaret Royale gets our vote. There are the standard bottle-blond types, the exotic brunettes, the stick-thin, the curvy girls and just about every other type of lady you want to see partially clothed. And since the club is just as accommodating to lady customers, you can feel comfortable bringing the girlfriend. It's a lot easier than explaining the stack of ones in your wallet.
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Dickie Smythe
Dickie Smythe

Are you kidding? I don't want to which one is the classiest or where I can bring my woman. I want to know which one has the sexiest bitches who will do ANYTHING for a couple dollars! I want the experience to feel wrong. Just wrong.


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