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Best Vet Dallas 2011 - Katy Trail Animal Hospital

Katy Trail Animal Hospital

Katy Trail Animal Hospital

4151 McKinney Ave.

Dallas, TX 75204


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We all know that old cliché about our furry friends being family members is true, and it's as much of a bummer when man's best friend gets sick as when your better half does. Sometimes veterinarian costs can run higher than human healthcare costs, but the folks at Katy Trail Animal Hospital aren't in the business of helping animals just for the money, and that certainly shows not only when you're paying the bill, but also when you see the staff interact with the four-legged clients. The doctors and staff are certified animal lovers, the hospital features a state-of-the-art surgical facility and the kitty boarding area has plenty of windows for our cat to stare at her favorite birds.
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That is a pretty good accomplishment for this animal hospital.  My uncle treats his pets just like another family member also.  It is really sad when they get sick,  but it is great that we have vets that are out there to help.


@travissimons17 I've always really respected people like vets who work so hard to keep animals healthy. I'm a lot like your uncle, Travis. I'm trying to find a good pet hospital for my dog in case something should happen to him in the future. I want to have a clinic in mind so I don't waste any time. Hopefully I can find a good one in my area. Thanks for the comment! 


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