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Best Before-Movie PSA Dallas 2012 - Texas Theatre's "Ghost of Jock Ewing" spot

Texas Theatre\'s \

Texas Theatre's "Ghost of Jock Ewing" spot

231 W. Jefferson Blvd.

Dallas, TX 75208


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Southfork's own Jock Ewing haunts Texas Theatre, looking just a tad rough around the edges. Moviegoers at the historic Oak Cliff cinema palace are always treated to a special pre-flick spot from Ewing (played by local musician and lovable cable-access weirdo George Quartz). The ghost of the great man is shown lurching unsteadily toward the bar, tipping his 10-gallon back on his head, boring the bartender shitless with a semi-intelligible story about a giant catfish. "Whence using the powder room, I like to sneak a cigarette and get myself a bourbon," he advises the audience. We can do the same, he adds, or go over to the concession stand and get a snack. But Ewing has a few words of warning, ones that never seem to get less funny: "If you want to bring your own car phone in, you best turn it off," he glowers. "Last thing I want to do when I'm watching a movie is kick your ass."

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 @markaaronsharon I wrote that one, and I apologize for not giving credit where it was due. It's pretty much my favorite thing ever, so thank you. 


 @Anna_Merlan Ha! No worries. Glad you liked it! It was mostly George's idea. My idea was to use real whiskey... (I'll have to post the outtakes!)