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Best Car Wash Dallas 2012 - Vintage Car Wash

Vintage Car Wash

Vintage Car Wash

6815 Preston Rd

Dallas, TX 75205


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You hand the man some money and your car keys. You shop among the scented air fresheners, license-plate holders and humorous greeting cards while workers clean the accumulated crud off your car. It's a car wash. There is not, truthfully, a lot of variety in the experience. So, why this one? The staff's pretty friendly. They're pretty quick. The prices are about the same as everywhere else, and they do an exceptional job on the interior if you go for the mid-level detailing. The real reason? It's in University Park, and we just love seeing our humble domestic car get exactly the same pampering as all those fancy-shmancy imported ego-mobiles. Don't think of it as just a pretty good car wash. Think of it as an exercise in democracy.

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Well, I personally could not care less when it comes to a carwash. To me, it is just a weekly routine for my car to get its weekly dose of soap and perhaps an occasional waxing. However, Vintage Car Wash does seem pretty enticing as you are paying the same amount for a much more "classy" and "high-standard" treatment. So, why not? If I am around the area, I might drop by to give my car a "treat".


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