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Best Comedian Dallas 2012 - Clint "Paco" Werth

When a Dallas comedy show calls for edgy, dirty and shocking, Clint "Paco" Werth is one of the go-to comics. His Twitter ruminations are consistently funny, and in the past year, he opened for two of the most cringe-inducing, line-crossing comedians working today, Neil Hamburger at the Texas Theatre and Doug Stanhope at Trees. And Werth held his own with jokes that included reflecting on how sad it was when a mother killed her baby in a microwave — though it wasn't sad for the reasons that anyone else would lament. Edgy, dirty and shocking are our three favorite adjectives in describing the work of a stand-up artist, so we're always glad to see his name on a bill.

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Ima let you in on a little secret. "Paco" is actually a character Brad Lacour does.


So, uh, when do I get the "Best of Dallas" sticker to put on my car that I'll inevitably be living in?

robby25 1 Like

Sorry but you are WRONG!   The best comedian 2012 or any year is Brad Lacour.  Edgy?  Dirty?  Shocking?  Let's put it this way, I cannot mention his best jokes.


@AngelComedian @Dallas_Observer @ihatecomedy had me laughing at the moment I read, "my dude paco"

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