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Best Giant Plaster Bull Dallas 2012 - The one outside Raul's Corral Mexican Food & Steaks

The one outside Raul\'s Corral Mexican Food & Steaks

The one outside Raul's Corral Mexican Food & Steaks

200 Corinth St.

Dallas, TX 75207-4904


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Dallas has a wealth of plaster bulls scattered around town, by which we mean two. One is pretty good; it sits proudly atop a steak joint on Oak Cliff's Jefferson Avenue. It's cute, you know? But the longhorn outside Raul's Corral Mexican Food is absurdly, gloriously excessive, a larger-than-life testament to the noble cow, sitting atop a stone platform and surrounded by a low iron fence. It has enormous, slightly dingy white horns and an "RR" brand on the left flank, a tribute to restaurant owner Raul Ramirez. We also feel compelled to mention that it's (sort of) anatomically correct. Visit the bull, honk at the bull on your way home from work, but for God's sake, don't try to steal the bull. We've thought about it. Can't be done. Besides: Raul's longhorn deserves to reign on his throne of rocks forever.

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Wow. How odd! How can it be possible that a writer of the DALLAS OBSERVER can write about the bull at Raul's without even mentioning it's HUGE historic importance in the Dallas Music scene??? DECADES of history are tied to that Bull! The place of the iconic Bob Wills record to the legendary Sex Pistols concert and SO much more!! And not even a tip of the hat? How sad for the D.O.!!  ~ JD, a TRUE Dallasite


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