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Best Neighborhood Dallas 2012 - North Wynnewood

Only three miles from downtown but a world unto itself, the North Wynnewood neighborhood in Oak Cliff is proof the 1950s weren't just about insanely grinning pipe-smoking dad figures in beltless trousers next to coral-green cars with cartoon tail fins. North Wynnewood is the best of '50s cool architecture, beautifully maintained for decades by families who never moved, occupied now by a crowd that's younger and more diverse but just as loyal to the neighborhood. Wynnewood sits on 150 acres of gently sloping hills loosely bounded by Interstate 35 South, 12th Street, Vernon Avenue and Illinois Avenue. Low-slung mid-century modern houses were built to standards we can only dream of today, several designed by the architects DeWitt & Swank. Many still look new. The houses, one to one-and-a-half-story brick in the 2,000- to 3,500-square-foot range, occupy large lush lots on artfully meandering streets, with huge backyards, many of them still dominated by those brick and stone '50s barbecue pits the size of small chapels. Crime is low for Oak Cliff. Values are up almost 60 percent in the last 10 years. An active neighborhood group guards against trouble and thinks up easygoing social activities. North Wynnewood manages to be both deeply staid and really interesting without going quite David Lynch — a rare trick in a rare jewel of a neighborhood.

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I can honestly say that it has been the best purchase my family has ever made. I love my neighbors and the sense of pride the homeowners exude on a daily basis. I've lived in various parts of the DFW and by far WN exmplifies what COMMUNITY is all about. There is a nostalgiac ambiance that unifies this neighborhood like no other that i've ever lived in since being an adult and it reminds me of the great childhood communities of old where people were proud of their properties and treated their neighbors properties as if they were their own. So happy to raise my kid in a neighborhood "where eveybody knows your name"......gotta luv OAK CLIFF!

ben_cackles 1 Like

So glad God conspired to bring my grandparents into this neighborhood before I was even born.  And that I've been privileged to live here in the home they later bought.

I love my neighbors and our sense of community.  There are homes for sale:  you too can live in this great community!

vickipatsdauter 2 Like

It was the best kept secret in Dallas, but now I guess it's out.  We love Wynnewood North, and not just the parks and beautiful houses.  We love it for the wonderful neighbors that really take you back to a time when neighbors cared about each other, calling to let you know you left your garage door open, or just to get together for a Friday night Happy Hour to celebrate the end of another week.  It's as idyllic as you can get in Texas.  Thank you for the recognition!

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