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Best Radio Station (Music) Dallas 2012 - KNON-FM 89.3

We've got to hand this one to our favorite listener-supported station playing a wide variety of independent artists, and no, we don't mean KXT. Dallas' community station has an eccentric cast of DJs — who are clearly not radio pros, as the occasional technical gaffe proves. Much of the fun of listening comes from catching CDs skipping, bungled guest call-ins and stretches of dead air. The lovably shaggy presentation, though, doesn't mean they don't play an impressively diverse array of music. Along with far-from-the-mainstream rock, hip-hop and country, the schedule includes all kinds of niche music you won't hear anywhere else including zydeco, blues, polka, Jewish music, Native American chants and rockabilly. Keep that in mind around pledge-drive time, will ya?

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none of the hits, all of the time.  Ya gotta love the little radio station that could!!


YES! KNON is truly the Voice of the people:)


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