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Best Strip Club Dallas 2012 - The Lodge

The Lodge

The Lodge

10530 Spangler Road

Dallas, TX 75220


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The Lodge is, without qualification, the nicest strip club in Dallas. Hell, maybe even in Texas. For starters the dancers are absolute knockouts who don't just mount the stage and shimmy out of lingerie. They wear ornate, theme-driven costumes. They dress up as pixies. They juggle fire. They emerge from a cave facade, surrounded by vaguely unsettling stuffed animals and lacquered cedar boughs. Their chef, a legit culinarian the club plucked from Terrilli's, roasts a flavorful prime rib. The club is clean, comfortable, even refined, as far as strip joints go. The Lodge isn't really for 18-year-old first-timers to carnal commerce. It's for men and women who want to drink good hooch, dine well and enjoy the gyrations of some of Dallas' most beautiful dancers.

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momiller 1 Like

I haven't a clue who has listed this club as the best strip club in Dallas, unless there is some type of pay-off going on. Yes the food is not bad, the decor is very nice, however, the ladies who work there are extremely pushy, they have very bad attitudes and they believe they are very, very special, seriously. During the four times I was in the establisement I have never, ever been so disrespected in all my life. I do not do dances, I prefer companionshp, I've told the ladies, please sit have a drink, I'll buy dinner and we can talk, after 30-45 mintues I told it was $400, really. a waste of time. Whom ever at the Dallas Observer voted them the best is a liar.


 @momiller Sounds like someone believes he is "very, very special".

momiller 1 Like

No not special, unlike many others, I want what I want, and will pay for it, however, $400 for 30 minutes worth of someone's time is a tad pricey. I'm a fraud auditor, I get $500/hr and it's a value add, at the end of 30 minutes and $400 what is the value add?

Nomiller 1 Like

@momiller The ladies are there to work and earn money, not to sit. They can do that on their nights off. You are a customer. If you're not paying, what value are you adding to their lives? Conversation? Ha.

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