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BEST ADULT NOVELTY STORE Dallas 2013 - New Fine Arts

New Fine Arts

1720 W. Mockingbird Lane

Dallas, TX 75235

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It's big, and isn't that all that matters? Well, it's comfortable and easy to find, and it's ready to fill your needs at any hour. Plus, the staff is nice. And other penis puns. The three Dallas New Fine Arts locations (and their sister stores Paris Bookstore and the gay-friendly New Fine Arts Alternatives adjacent to the Mockingbird Lane store) pack an impressive array of toys, lubes and DVDs (which people who haven't heard of the Internet still buy, apparently). They also have private viewing booths with dollar-fed previews, locking doors and couches that are surprisingly clean. There are even smoking rooms in case you and whoever accompanies you need a cigarette after you get done ... um, previewing a title.

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