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BEST CHEAP-AS-HELL DATE IDEA Dallas 2013 - Cinemark Hollywood USA

Cinemark Hollywood USA

Cinemark Hollywood USA

4040 S. Shiloh Road

Garland, TX 75041


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This one's not really a first-date idea. It's more an outing with your significant other when it's raining, you're broke and if you stay at home one more second you'll stab each other's eyes out with the silverware. Prevent blindness by making the trek over to Cinemark Hollywood USA, where you'll pay $1 to see everything you were slightly too lazy to catch when it was in regular theaters. While you're there, enjoy the dusty arcade games, the equally dusty photos of old-timey film stars and a terrifying, dizzying decorating theme best described as "Circus in Hell." Seriously, don't take a first date here.

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