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BEST GRAVE Dallas 2013 - Clyde Barrow

One half of Dallas' most notorious outlaw pair found his final resting place in a ramshackle graveyard just across the road from a tortilla factory in Oak Cliff. The gate's always locked, but you may or may not be able to slip in through a gap. You'll find Clyde's grave in a corner, where someone seems to be keeping nightly watch. It's always covered with candles, flowers, liquor bottles and some half-spent cigarettes. At her family's request, Bonnie is buried worlds away, off Webb Chapel Road, in a much tidier and more reputable-looking cemetery. Tread lightly, and pour one out for Clyde.

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And if you want to go to Lancaster's Town Square, then drive down past the old high school, you'll be driving on the same road Bonnie and Clyde took after robbing the bank there. :)


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