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BEST PLACE TO GET A WILD (OR TAME) DOG Dallas 2013 - Dallas Animal Services

Dallas Animal Services

1818 N. Westmoreland

Dallas, TX 75212


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The best place to find your new furry friend — or, perhaps more accurately, let that dog or cat find you — is the municipal pound. The huge facility built in 2007 has dozens and dozens of dogs that you can get to know in play areas outside. And along with a huge selection, the city shelter has the lowest adoption fee we could find: $85 for any dog or puppy, $55 for any cat or kitten with greatly reduced fees for the more seasoned pets. Included with that fee is spaying/neutering, current vaccinations and microchipping. You can look online at pictures of adoptable animals, but there's no sense in committing, as you never know which animal is going to capture your heart once you start walking past their enclosures.

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