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BEST PLACE TO LEARN EVERYTHING YOU DON'T KNOW Dallas 2013 - Pan-African Connection

Pan-African Connection

Pan-African Connection

828 Fourth Ave.

Dallas, TX 75203


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It's really packed in here. Sculptures, collectables, home goods, clothing and mountains of other treasures are stacked throughout the lower level of Pan-African's two-story compound. You want to buy it all, even without knowing its legacy. The philosophical value of these items fills the head of Akwete Tyehimba, the shop's matriarch and sage. Go ahead, ask her about that giant crane statue. She'll smile and recant a moral-rich tale that ends with the mighty bird filling his belly then gathering the strength to soar through the air. She'll explain the African history behind the masks, checkerboards and other rare artifacts. She'll even guide you through the monthly classes and workshops, which unite an entire community with educational programming. But you might need Tyehimba most in the upstairs reading room, where books and videos are methodically organized. And that's where you'll lose hours, poring through texts from people who know much, much more than you.

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