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BEST STRIP CLUB TO TAKE A TOURIST Dallas 2013 - The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse

2250 Manana Drive

Dallas, TX 75220-7100


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The Clubhouse has the scuzzy yet welcoming feel of your favorite dive bar, pretty good music most of the time, and a diverse roster of talent offering something for just about every conceivable preference. The dancers actually, you know, dance, and the place has a feature that we thought was standard for strip clubs but is becoming increasingly scarce: a pole. The BYOB status doesn't just save you money on booze — it means it can stay open after 2 a.m. and that the ladies can show you everything, whether you want to see everything or not. Catered monthly customer appreciation parties, visits from touring musicians, a sincerely welcoming attitude to female patrons (straight or not) and the occasional appearance from Vinnie Paul Abbott himself (who cofounded the place with his brother and Pantera bandmate, the late "Dimebag" Darrell) make The Clubhouse a must-see.

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