A Moment of Silence for Your Texas Rangers

In the end, they weren't real - or spectacular.
In the end, they weren't real - or spectacular.

Okay, that's long enough.

Now, what happened?

A season that began with that three-game sweep of Cleveland way back in April and held our interest until mid-September is closing with an all too familiar whimper - meaningless games in October for the 10th consecutive year.

With their loss to the Angels last night, the Rangers were officially eliminated from the Wild Card and the post-season. For a long time it appeared this year would be a success, but right now it sure doesn't feel like it.

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So I ask you, Rangers fans, who gets the blame for this season's failure?

A. Tom Hicks.

B. Rudy Jaramillo.

C. Josh Hamilton.

D. Ron Washington.

E. Ian Kinsler.

F. Anaheim Angels.

G. Jim Knox.

H. Zonk.

I. A-Rod.

J. Steroids.

K. Vicente Padilla.

L. Swine Flu.

M. Jon Daniels.

N. Chris Davis.

O. Injuries.

P. C.J. Wilson.

Q. Robin Ventura.

R. Frankie Francisco.

S. El Nino.

T. Barack Obama.

U. Nolan Ryan.

V. Derek Holland.

W. The Curse of Sucking.

X. George Dubya Bush.

Y. Hank Blalock.

Z. Tony Romo. 

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