In light of this weekend's (shocking?) revelation that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids during his 2003 MVP season with your Texas Rangers, I hereby invite a public stoning.

And, yes thanks, I'll be happy to chunk the first rocks:

*A-Fraud is one of the most disingenuous athletes of our generation. Off the field he purports to be a milk-n-cookies Boy Scout - "I'm not a nightclub guy ..." - when, in fact, he's a friggin' swinger.

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*He's a phony who breaks baseball's code of decency by slapping the ball out of a Red Sox pitcher's glove, then lamely feigns innocence.

*And, now, between the lines, he taints every one of his record-setting performances by being a juicer.

He's a fraud. A punk. A certified cheater.

You wanna pitch a pebble?

Or do you even give a damn?

UPDATE: Do you accept his apology? 

It's clear now that using steroids makes not only your muscles grow, but also your nose. And, yep - whoda thunkit? - Jose Canseco is the only one telling the truth.

The person most happy about A-Roid's unmasking? Michael Phelps.

It's inevitable that baseball's top two home-run hitters of all-time will be A-Rod and Barry Bonds. I'm sensing more shrugged shoulders than outrage at this latest news.

Is it that we should just give in, erect a steroid wing in the Hall of Fame and be done with it?

I fear that we're numb - even accepting? - of steroids in baseball. If so, shame on you, baseball fans. Especially considering that the Taylor Hooton Foundation is right here in our back yard.


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