America’s Dream

Things are looking up? The sky's the limit? Corny captions notwithstanding, the Cowboys are gonna be a kick-ass team this season.

The Cowboys re-signed Pro Bowl safety Ken Hamlin this week.

Translation: It’s official, Super Bowl or bust.

Not that Hamlin is that valuable, but his signing means one less distraction in a 2008 season that should – that’s right, should -- climax with the Cowboys playing for the title in February.

Las Vegas agrees, staking Dallas as the favorite to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLIII.

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If you’re really a wagering degenerate, you can get some action down right now on the Cowboys laying 3 points in the Sept. 4 opener at Cleveland. I so believe in the future I could sell green bananas to a suicide bomber on his way to work, but not even I would touch a game whose kickoff is still 53 days out. Now, alert me if it drops to 2 ½.

With the signing of Hamlin to a six-year, $39 million deal and this off-season’s re-upping of Terrell Owens, Flozell Adams, Terence Newman and Marion Barber, the Cowboys – coming off a season of 13 wins and 13 Pro Bowlers – don't have any glaring weaknesses. They're in as good a shape entering training camp as any team in recent franchise history.

Only two things could derail their Super Bowl train:

*Gang signs.

*Terry Glenn. -- Richie Whitt

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