As the Cowboys' Dust Settles ...

Team christening this joint is suddenly going to look a whole lot different. Better?
Team christening this joint is suddenly going to look a whole lot different. Better?

We can cross our fingers real hard and go for the trifecta, but I don't see Cowboys owner Jerry Jones firing Wade Phillips today.

Let's don't get greedy. But let's also be realistic.

Gone from the roster that lost 44-6 in Philadelphia on Dec. 28 and went 9-7 last year are: Terrell Owens, Anthony Henry, Brad Johnson, Chris Canty, Roy (Safety) Williams and, in all likelihood, Tank Johnson, Zach Thomas, Keith Davis and Kevin Burnett. Did I miss anyone on the way out?

In return, the Cowboys have added only Jon Kitna, Keith Brooking and Matt Stewart.

I know it's addition by subtraction and I'm all for the moves, but let's look at the current depth chart. Prepare to cringe ...

WR: Roy Williams. Miles Austin. Patrick Crayton. Sam Hurd. Isaiah Stanback.

Williams better be worth three draft picks, right Joey Galloway?

CB: Terence Newman. Orlando Scandrick. Mike Jenkins. Alan Ball.

Pencil Scandrick in as a starter and hope for help in free agency.

S: Ken Hamlin. Pat Watkins. Courtney Brown.

Most elite teams have a ball-hawking, play-making leader in the secondary. I said most.

DL: Jay Ratliff. Marcus Spears. Jason Hatcher. Stephen Bowen.

Hello, draft.

Jones promised changes this off-season and he's finally delivering. Instead of a stagnant spring with the same overrated players again under-delivering, the Cowboys now are forced to bring in new blood.

Some will say "Be careful what you wish for." But I say "It can't get any worse."

What do you say?

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