At Least I Got Two Predictions Right

Who knew this trade would be disastrous? Um, yours truly.
Who knew this trade would be disastrous? Um, yours truly.
Who knew this trade would be disastrous? Um, yours truly.

I thought the Internet was a fad. I was convinced Tom Landry would never ever never get fired (or die). And I just knew Anna Kournikova was built to win at least one Grand Slam.

But last winter, even this blind squirrel found two nuts. I was poking around my old emails just now looking for something really funny – found it, stay tuned cuz it's next up -- when I came across two missives that will temporarily mask my prognosticating ignorance.

(Quick aside: My favorite person in the history of this planet is my deceased grandmother, Hazel. She’d throw me Wiffle Ball batting practice all afternoon, make a big batch of homemade peaches ‘n vanilla ice cream at sundown and never hurt a flea. So just know that any time I’m really really telling the truth when you think I'm not, I always “swear on Hazel.”)

Swear on Hazel, I sent this email to a buddy on Feb. 5 when I first heard the rumor about the Phoenix Suns trading for Shaquille O’Neal:

“that doesn't make any sense … talk about a giant, old, square peg in a round hole ... failure.”

And this one to another friend on Feb. 11 after learning the details of the Mavs’ trade for Jason Kidd:

“in avery’s system? no way … great, now kidd’s going to ruin this franchise twice …”

Of course, back to reality, I didn’t see this coming. The New Orleans Hornets are making the defending champion San Antonio Spurs look like so many avatars. Fluke? In seven playoff games the Hornets are plus-32 in turnovers.

Is it too late to predict this Chris Paul kid is gonna be a stud? Or too late to un-fire Avery Johnson? -- Richie Whitt

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