Boo! How I Survived Dallas' Best Haunted House

Boo! How I Survived Dallas' Best Haunted House

I love fear.

It motivates. It alters perspective. It seperates the haves from the have nots.

It friggin' makes you feel alive.

Naturally, when I'm not watching Paranormal Activity and I want to be skeered - Haunted House. For my money - $20 to be exact - the best spook joint in Dallas is ScareGrounds.

Went last night with a buddy and two 12-year-old boys and sure enough we jumped, they screamed, at least one of us needed a new pair of Underoos and two of us lost our voices.

ScareGrounds is supposedly three haunted houses in one, though don't tell me to identify them. I can tell you this ...

1. We stood in line for 45 minutes, so be prepared to be patient.

2. The 3D glasses are badass.

3. Watch out for the falling wall of wooden spears. (It totally got me.)

4. The dude in the spotted suit is a flat-out freak. Don't trust him.

5. Happy Halloween.

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