Commence: Re-Entry

Anyone remember where I live?

Okay, let’s see what I missed here on the homefront while vacationing in Canada and “working” in California. Hmm …

*Rough week for our beloved Mark Cuban. First, Ron Artest gets traded to the Rockets, dropping his Mavericks to fourth-best in their own damn division. Then he lost a cool $6 million to arch nemesis Don Nelson. And perhaps worst of all, on Thursday he turned the big five-oh.

*You sure this is Aug. 1 and not April 1? How else can you explain Quincy Carter getting a tryout with the Miami Dolphins? The same Dolphins, mind you, who are under the dictatorship of Bill Parcells, who oversaw Quincy’s pot-related release back in 2004. We are talking about the same Quincy Carter, right?

*If you were surprised R.A. Dickey was still chunking knucklers in the majors, you haven’t been paying attention. But if you’re surprised he’s doing it effectively, you're like the Rangers.

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