Cowboys at the Halfway Point: Who's Your MVP?

Since Deion isn't the MVP, then who?
Since Deion isn't the MVP, then who?

The Dallas Cowboys are 6-2. Your glass of blue Kool-Aid is more half-full than half-empty.

Wade Phillips is Coach of the Year, Tony Romo's in the Pro Bowl, Keith Brooking is Badass of the Decade and you've got the Cowboys penciled in for Super Bowl XLIV February 7 in Miami.

Question: Who gets the credit?

Who, in other words, is your first-half MVP?

A. Tony Romo

B. Miles Austin

C. Gerald Sensabaugh

D. DeMarcus Ware

E. Keith Brooking

F. Terrell Owens

G. David Buehler

H. Jason Witten

I. Jay Ratliff

As usual, F me.

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