Cowboys-Eagles III Not Exactly a Hot Ticket

Cowboys-Eagles III Not Exactly a Hot Ticket

Temperatures Saturday night in Arlington could dip into the teens. If local ticket brokers are any indication, the mood inside Cowboys Stadium might be a tad chilly as well.

With tickets and party passes still available through the Cowboys and TicketMaster and almost 10,000 seats floating around StubHub, Cowboys-Eagles just isn't a tough ticket.

"I bought eight tickets thinking I could at least double my take," said a buddy in the broker business. "But this game just isn't hopping. If you want to go to this playoff game you might be able to go for less than face value. There are a lot of tickets out there with relatively mild demand."


Maybe last Sunday's regular-season finale (100,621) will outdraw the playoff game.

What gives? Recession? Indifference? Saving pennies for Super Bowl parade?

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