Dirk is Worried About the Mavericks. Are You?

Dirk is Worried About the Mavericks. Are You?

The Dallas Mavericks fell apart in the fourth quarter last night in Utah. In the last 12 minutes they had more turnovers (7) than baskets (5). Not good.

A lead vanished into a four-point deficit and, ultimately, a blowout loss to a Jazz team playing without Carlos Boozer. Yikes.

That's three consecutive losses for the first time this season. Jason Terry was supposed to fix things moving into the starting lineup, but he was 0-for-the-fourth-quarter in Salt Lake City. The Mavs are still among the best in the West, but things have wandered badly off course.

Says Dirk Nowitzki, "You got to be worried."

Are you worried, too?

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