Do Two Rights Make a Wrong? (Cornerback, That Is)

Back in 1971 a genius named Tom Landry decided it was a swell idea to alternate quarterbacks Roger Staubach and Craig Morton - on every friggin' play. But after his Dallas Cowboys bumbled along at 4-3, the coach decided on Staubach full-time and, well, you know, the rest is Super Bowl VI history.

Almost 40 years later Wade Phillips is trying the same stunt, only with cornerbacks Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick alternating starts instead of plays.

From what I saw last season, at this year's camp and in pre-season, Scandrick is a quicker, faster, more athletic, better player. He's also a fifth-round pick to Jenkins' first. And he has thicker skin, in that Jenkins might sit in the corner and pout if "demoted."

Don't think I've ever seen scheduled rotating starts, you? Wonder if the Cowboys will stick with it if Jenkins has two passes defensed, a sack and an interception for a touchdown Sunday in Tampa?

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Another question ...

Any way in hell this works?


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