Guess What I Had For Brinner? That's Right, I Said Brinner.

Bon appetit!
Bon appetit!

So I'm out and about last night/this morning/feels like 20 minutes ago (y-a-w-n), and I realize "Damn, I'm hongree." Also hit me that I hadn't eaten dinner. But it was closing in on time for breakfast.

A little compromise and - voila - Dinner + Breakfast = Brinner. And what does a dorky sportswriter who's trying in vain to keep up with the young, hip kids have for brinner?

Guess what's in my bowl in the above photo and win a free year's day's subscription to both the Dallas Observer and this here Sportatorium ...

A) Mmm, mmm. Nothing like mom's chicken 'n dumplings.

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B) Spackling paste.

C) Oatmeal (with a dab of peanut butter): Good and good for you.

D) Jack in the Box tacos. Two for 99 cents. Six for $2.97.

E) Cream of Jalapeno soup, courtesy Cafe Brazil.

F) Wish I had some biscuits to go with this carafe of red-eye gravy.

G) Country grits.

H) None of the above.

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