Hey, Don't Look Now, But That Mavs-Nets Trade Is Looking Better by the Loss

In hindsight, bravo Mavericks. Brah-voe!
In hindsight, bravo Mavericks. Brah-voe!

Former Mavs' No. 1 draft pick and assistant coach Kiki Vandeweghe is the new man in charge of the worst team in hoops. You'll also notice more Dallas connections, in the form of Trenton Hassell, Eduardo Najera and new assistant coach Del Harris.

And, of course, Devin Harris.

The cat-quick point torched Kidd for 41 points and was an All-Star last year. But this year he's started only four games because of a groin injury and has led New Jersey to exactly zero wins.

The Mavs may not want a do-over. But I do.

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