Is Jerry Jones Broke? Naw, Can't Be. Can It?

If Tom Hicks can be a cash-strapped customer at the pawn shop, can it also happen to Jerry Jones?

I know, sounds ridiculous. And the notion is likely just that - ridiculous.

But the economic crunch is certainly in play with him, like the rest of us. Consider:

*The Cowboys yesterday officially released Greg Ellis, saving some headaches but also a couple million bucks.

*In the end, Jonestown Coliseum cost $1.15 billion. That .15 - that's $150 million - over budget came straight out of Jerry's pocket. And the place doesn't have a revenue-generating corporate sponsor.

*On draft day the Cowboys dropped out of the first round and made the bulk of their 12 picks with low-round guys on the cheap.

*DeMarcus Ware's no-brainer, lucrative long-term deal isn't done yet.

Fortunately, June 1 just came and went without Jerry having to pay a player named Terrell Owens his $3.1 million roster bonus.

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